Welcome to Bhaskar Degree College Udhampur


Admission to odd semesters

21sth June to 10thth July without late fee
11st July to 20th July with late fee

Class Work of odd semesters

3nd week of July to 31st October

Semester end examination of odd semesters

2nd week of November

Class work of even semesters

1st week of December to 31st of March

Semester end examination of even semesters

2nd week of April onwards

Supplementary examination of semester-V & VI


Summer Break

1st June to 15 July(Summer Zone)
1st August to 10th August (Winter Zone)

Winter Break

25th Dec. to 4th Jan.(Summer Zone)
10th January to 28th Feb. (Winter Zone)

Holi Break

02 Days(preceding Holi)

Diwali Break

03 Days(one day before and two days after Diwali)